Write for MOHL

We welcome your guest posts! If you have something on your heart that you’d love to share on Meditations of His Love blog, please send it our way. :-) Before you send us your article, please make sure it follows these requests.

1. Is your post glorifying to the Lord and Scriptural?

2. Is your post full of grace and an encouragement to other women?

3. Is the message of your post relevant to the theme at Meditations of His Love?

4. Is your post proofread and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes?

5. Is your post free from controversial doctrine and theology subjects?

6. Is your post free from political or government debate?

If your post meets these qualifications, and is 200-600 words long, then email it to: meditationsofhislove @ gmail . com (remember to remove the spaces in the email before sending it!).

Thank you!