History of MOHL

Sarah Holman and Jessica Phillips started blogging in 2008 hoping to be able to share some of their thoughts online. Little did they know that God had much bigger plans for them. Jessica stumbled across a Sarah’s blog and they started communicating. They soon formed a friendship that helped each grown in their faith. They wanted to share this growth with others through a new blog.

In early 2009, they started asking girls to join them in this new endeavor. Jessica’s sister Rachel was the first to be added to the group quickly followed by Arianna, Arielle (who came up with the name Meditations of His Love), Julia (our blog designer).

Although Meditations of His Love started out as a devotional blog with authors that barely knew each other, it quickly grew into so much more. It is a circle of friends more than anything. Although many of the founding members are no longer blogging on MOHL, they are still close friends who are thrilled that Melinda is keeping MOHL going.